What’s so special about this electrical store that it’s worth blogging about? Well, two things:

  • Brighton Retravision are having a sale where all stock is at store cost + $1. Yes you read right, store cost + $1. Apparently they are overstocked at the moment, it’s a quiet season for electrical retail and they just want people like you and me coming into the store.
  • Aaron Teo. This guy is a salesperson that I can seriously rave about. I was in the market for a new TV but was completely disorganised, so I hadn’t brought any measurements or done any research. Aaron was knowledgeable, efficient and most importantly, demonstrated initiative and willingness to go beyond the expected standards of service to help pick the right TV for me. I was very impressed and the whole transaction was completed in 30 minutes.

Go now – the sale finishes Monday 31 August.