Oh dear. My first  Bounce Back class and I’ve discovered that left to my own devices I have uneven hips, super-tight neck muscles, one dropped shoulder, a non-firing pelvic floor and a jutting chin like a Neanderthal (I blame too many years of computer work for that one). I’m a core muscle mess, even after years of sporadic and expensive pilates classes. I don’t even seem be breathing correctly!

The hour-long weekly classes are run by Ann, my knowledgeable and friendly physiotherapist, at her clinic Rebound Sports Physio.  It’s great because the class only has five people in it, all of whom Ann has treated, so she’s able to provide special attention for everyone’s particular weaknesses. Plus I can claim some of the cost of the program from my private health insurance (which I can’t do with pilates).

Hopefully after an eight week program of fitball and theraband fun, I’ll be strong, stable and pain-free! I’ll keep you posted.