I was pretty sure that I’d enjoy the Baking Architecture exhibition (part of State of Design festival) as soon as I walked into the foyer of the Australian Institute of Architects and sniffed the aroma of patisserie.


Melbourne architectural practices and chefs have collaborated to construct delicious models of unbuilt architectural structures in order to explore the parallels between the production of food and architecture and the influence of design aesthetics in both disciplines. The exhibition ranged from the twisting simplicity of Elenberg Fraser‘s design exercise for a high-rise tower, constructed from plates of pastillage, gelatin and confectioners sugar by Baker D Chirico; a lacy laser-cut cube of icing sugar by Let Them Eat Cake modelling a Hawthorn residence by FMD Architects; and the eye-catching Liquorice Freeway, a work comprising coloured cake icing for the liquorice pylons and a bridge of edible rice paper printed with a Melways map by BKK and again Let Them Eat Cake.


The exhibition only runs for a few more days so go along in your lunch hour but remember not to ‘touch or eat the displays’!