While I don’t yet have kids, there is a baby boom happening with my friends and acquaintances such that I increasingly have to consider whether or not a venue is kid-friendly when I suggest meeting up.

If you’re in a similar situation, then I highly recommend Babycino’s. Nestled in the back streets of South Yarra and set up pretty much in a mum’s backyard, not only is the cafe kid-friendly, it’s kid-driven. A much better option than the McDonald’s playground and a Happy Meal!

No one will turn an eye (or ear) if your baby wails, screams, needs to be changed or breastfed. Older kids are free to explore the play gym, sit in kid-sized stools to colour in and tinker with the puzzles and toys in the indoor games rooms. Basically, it’s a place where it’s ok for kids to run amok – giving their parents a breather to sit down on the covered deck to enjoy a coffee and breakfast or lunch.

The lady who runs the cafe, Marguerite, was very sweet and as you’d expect, a very maternal type with three kids of her own. For lunch C and I had a lovely fresh quesadilla and omelette prepared from Marguerite’s home kitchen – the food is simple and homely – what I’d expect if you were going to someone’s house to hang out in their backyard. Most of the food can be eaten in one hand in consideration of parents needing to hold or carry a child in the other arm.

The other good thing for parents is that there is plenty of Council parking just next door, even though the cafe is based in a residential area. Oh, and kids receive a free babycino.

For other kid-friendly dining options, try DOC in Carlton and Little Creatures in Fitzroy.

  • Babycino’s Garden Cafe, Northampton Place, South Yarra +61 40233 3671

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