My pick from the five films on show in competition session 2 was the elegiac Trampoline. The story was about a little girl, a silent social outcast who harbours a dream to fly. Through her tentative friendship with the new kid at school, who also doesn’t quite fit in, she discovers that she really can fly. The blue-eyed girl was adorable and perfectly cast as the wistful and dreamy child and the film was obviously a project of love.

A close second was Hell’s Gates, a dramatisation of the true story of eight convicts who escape from Macquarie Harbour only to find themselves at the mercy of the Tasmanian wilderness. The cinematography, especially the saturations of forest greens, really stood out for me as it gave an already gruesome story a terrible eeriness.

The one film which literally had me falling asleep was Royboys, about the Fitzroy football club. I admit I don’t like football, but I don’t think that automatically prejudiced me against the 27 minutes of loosely cobbled-together scenes of fans cheering, fans singing, footballers cheering and footballers singing. With the exception of a couple of black and white photos and some facile fan voxpops, I don’t think it differed from anything you’d see on an average Saturday afternoon on Channel 7 (but thankfully a lot shorter).