Help me Doctor!: What’s a good restaurant in Melbourne to take my family for my sister’s 16th birthday? There are 6 of us going. My grandmother is coming and she is quite old so not too many stairs would be ideal. Early dinner also preferable. I thought about Rockpool but it may be too expensive. – Hien L

Your prescription: My personal favourite at the moment is Longrain. They will take bookings for 6 or more diners, there are only a one or two steps to the dining room, the prices are mid-range and they serve Asian food, which your grandmother (if she’s like my grandmother) may prefer. I suggest you request for a round table if possible so you don’t have to eat at the long communal tables. If you eat early then the noise levels will be reduced, as it can get a bit loud once the room fills up (again, probably not great for your grandmother).

If you’re not restricted to Asian food, other classy, mid-budget, centrally located, few-step options include: City Wine Shop 159 Spring St, Trunk 275 Exhibition St, Movida 1 Hosier Ln, Grossi Florentino Grill 80 Bourke Street,Syracuse 23 Bank Pl, Bistrot d’Orsay 184 Collins St, Arintji Federation Square. So many options – please let me know where you end up! – Jetsetting Joyce