HOT: David’s Restaurant, 4 Cecil Place, Prahran

The Age Epicure recently ran an article about the best places for yum cha in Melbourne and they named one-hat David’s Restaurant as one of the best in town (unbelievably my personal favourite Shark Fin House didn’t make the cut). Eager to try it with my other dim sum expert friends, we battled the weekend […]

Ask the Doctor: Where to buy Japanese ingredients

Help me Doctor!: Do you know where in Melbourne I can buy black sesame paste and matcha powder (green tea in powder form)? I have not noticed them in Asian grocery stores. – Jenny T Your prescription: Perhaps you would have better luck with a Japanese specialist grocery store? Here are a list of Japanese […]

HOT: Blondes to Brunettes + RMIT Fashion Friendship launch, 479 High St, Prahran

As a commercial lawyer, it was relatively easy for me to follow the conveyor belt from law school to summer clerkships to a full-time job in a law firm. I don’t imagine the transition for the creative industries is as easy (unless you’re very lucky) – it can be a relentless and sometimes dispiriting slog […]

Ask the Doctor: French restaurant for my mum

Help me Doctor!: Where can I take my mother for her birthday?¬† She likes French and I took her to France Soir last time. – Huy L Your prescription: Huy, evidently your mum and I are kindred spirits, as my favourite cuisine is French! As soon as I received your question my mind pinged with […]

Ask the Doctor: Great breakfasts close to the city

Help me Doctor!: can you recommend a cafe close to city which does great breakfasts? (i m taking my ex boss and his wife out on sunday! – so funky but not too funky if you know what i mean!) –¬†Andrea F Your prescription: More information needed! Which side of the inner city do you […]

HOT: Chapel Street Bazaar, 217 Chapel St, Prahran

Poking around a market is the perfect Sunday activity for me, and luckily RM was happy to indulge in my new-found passion for retro furniture. Chapel Street Bazaar, a treasure trove of unusual vintage everything, yielded not one, but two wonderfully restored and reasonably priced 60s lamps – a blue one for him, a red […]

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