NOT: Antichrist, Greater Union, 131 Russell St, Melbourne

MIFF #14: Lars von Trier’s latest film Antichrist has been dividing viewers ever since its debut at Cannes this year. Some seasoned critics at Cannes walked out, outraged by the genital mutilation presented in squeamish detail, yet Charlotte Gainsbourg won the best actress award at the same festival. With its reputation of graphic violence, initially […]

HOT: The Loved Ones, Greater Union, 131 Russell St, Melbourne

MIFF #13: The Loved Ones was one of a handful of Australian films receiving their world premieres at MIFF and the raucous crowd screamed, clapped, laughed and cheered their way through this gruesome and macabre film in appreciation. Brent (Xavier Samuel), a good looking teenage boy, has a beautiful sexy girlfriend Holly (Victoria Thaine), and […]

HOT: The Kelvin Club, Melbourne Place, Melbourne

I’ve never understood the need for men to have spaces like private clubs or sheds. Women don’t seem to require those same physical boundaries and RM has not been able to explain why men need it to my satisfaction. The Kelvin Club opened is a private members club for men and women, but the decor […]

HOT: Silent Wedding, Greater Union, 131 Russell St, Melbourne

MIFF #12: My second Romanian movie of MIFF was very different to the first, but both were equally amusing in a quirky way. Silent Wedding (Nunta muta) is set in a Romanian village in 1953, near the beginning of Communist rule. The peasants live an idealistic rural life in soft summer light and have gathered […]

HOT: Food Inc, ACMI, Federation Square, Melbourne

MIFF #11: As you’ve probably gathered by now, I feel very passionate about food. And one of the less salubrious aspects of the abundance of relatively cheap food choices we are fortunate to have in the Western world is the advent of industrial food production. Ostensibly, the aim is admirable – to produce a lot […]

NOT: Members of the Funeral, ACMI, Federation Square, Melbourne

MIFF #10:  My first NOT of MIFF. Members of the Funeral was a macabre Korean film telling the backstory of three guests who attend a funeral for a young teenage boy. The disjointed film never really captured my attention properly – I drifted off to sleep at various points and so I didn’t really grasp […]

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