HOT: Round the Way Bagel Burgers Food Truck, Mr Wow’s Emporium, 97B Smith St, Fitzroy

One of my favourite local bars is the fun-filled Mr Wow’s Emporium. There aren’t many inner city bars which also feature an airport strip light-style indoor bocce corridor! I also love the ping pong table, large curved bar festooned with dangling phallic looking naked bulbs against the backdrop of a huge Melways mural (in case you […]

HOT: T. Cavallaro & Sons, 98 Hopkins St, Footscray

There is only one thing you need to know about legendary T. Cavallaro & Sons. Best cannoli in Melbourne! Best cannoli in Melbourne! Best cannoli in Melbourne! Even my Sicilian friend agrees that the cannolis made by this old-time family-owned Italian pasticceria are ‘perfetto’. The gently crispy, slightly puffy shells are made every Tuesday and Wednesday in the […]

HOT: Cheerio, 323 Lennox St, Richmond

I take it back. The next Melbourne culinary wave isn’t going to be Korean. It’s hybrid pastry forms. It started with the cronut (croissant/donut), then dossant (donut/croissant). And at Cheerio, you’ll find the ‘briont’ (brioche/croissant). Cheerio recently won The Age Good Cafe Guide’s award for ‘Best Small Cafe’ and its tiny frame belies its big heart. […]

HOT: Bistro K, 366 Smith St, Collingwood

At dinner with a group of food-loving friends one night we each made predictions as to the next food trend that will sweep Melbourne (cos the taco burger food truck thing is so 2012). My prediction is Korean. It is spicy, hearty, healthy and, well, not Mexican. And while my knowledge of Korean doesn’t extend […]

HOT: The Grain Store, 517 Flinders Ln, Melbourne

The Grain Store is a beacon of beauty hidden amongst some really ugly buildings in the Beirut end of Collins Street. If you’re looking for it, just avert your gaze from the horrendous multi-storey carpark with flashing red neon lights. Your hurting eyes will alight on a small doorway shielding a soft, blonde wood, glow […]

HOT: Alice Nivens, Shop 13 Port Phillip Arcade, 228 Flinders Ln, Melbourne

Who doesn’t love Christmas and storybook characters? Well, next Thursday 25 July, Alice in Wonderland themed CBD cafe Alice Nivens is holding a special ‘Christmas in July’ day of sweets, treats and other festivities. The bolthole cafe is hidden in a rather ugly flourescent-lit arcade between Flinders Street/Flinders Lane and you’ll recognise it by the […]

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