Eons ago I just had a cubicle-bound day job. Then I started a side project, blogging my travels and day-to-day life in London at LDN: HOT OR NOT. When I moved back to Melbourne the blog morphed into this here MEL: HOT OR NOT. Then my friend CazM suggested I help her start the decisive guide to Brisbane, cue side-side project BNE: HOT OR NOT. Along the way I thought ‘hey, wouldn’t it be cool to start an online business selling stylish bike accessories’, and so I launched the side-side-side project CycleStyle.

And now I’m about to embark on another project. In fact, this is a HUGE SPECIAL PROJECT involving me, my husband who you all know as RM, and a wee little 13 week old baby.

Yes, RM and I are going to be first-time parents come February next year! And naturally for two bloggers, we’ve decided to start a joint blog to document all of our excitement, confusion and HOT/NOT experiences, a side-side-side-side project logically titled TOT: HOT OR NOT (don’t groan).

Why start another blog? Well, I think Pip from blog Meet Me At Mikes put it very well recently: “It’s about expressing and documenting and sharing and creating a legacy you are proud of.”

So TOT will be about us charting the unknown territory of pregnancy and parenthood, our experiences of the new world of baby stuff we’re now going to have to acquire and reviews of kid-friendly places and things to do around Melbourne.

We’re trying to stay away from being pastel, cutesy or twee. The opposite of Anne Geddes if you will (I mean, we were seriously considering using this ridiculous picture of a baby with a giant radish as our mascot LOL). The blog will be honest, open….and as decisive as possible given the parenthood is a whole new ballgame for us. We want to share our stories with other parents and we want to learn from others – and hopefully  it’ll be an entertaining read too!

Don’t worry, MEL: HOT OR NOT will continue to be the decisive guide to Melbourne and will remain a baby-free zone. And for those of you who are interested, come and pop over to TOT: HOT OR NOT, which will be updating a couple of times a week. Let us know what you think!