I had my doubts about Rich Maha as soon as I saw their menu.  Indian, Malaysian, Tandoori, Sri Lankan and Singaporean all in one place? Any restaurant which purports to serve all those cuisines at the same time is bound for trouble.

Rich Maha does seem to be very popular with the lunch time crowds though. In fact, I’d say at lunch time the clientele veers towards bookish men in business shirts sitting alone. Probably a lawyer. Or working in IT. Or a bank. (This is not meant to be derogatory – I have male friends who are lawyers, IT geeks and bankers who would fit in perfectly at Rich Maha).

Fearing what a predominantly Indian restaurant would do to char kway teo, I settled on the lunch special – a plate of two vegetables curry and one meat curry with rice ($8.50).

The problem I find with reviewing Indian food is that (a) the spice is always toned down; and (b) in photographs it’s all brown, brown and brown. Nevertheless, here goes.

The dahl and chickpea chana masala was relatively nondescript. The fish curry was quite good, with a large hunk of most fish fillet sitting in the middle of the plate. Nothing was hot enough for my taste, but that’s probably my own fault as I probably could have asked the kitchen for some chilli. The pappadam was soggy and probably stale and I’d give it a miss. The serving was large enough to send me into a food coma for the afternoon.

For filling food at a cheap price, Rich Maha’s not a bad option, but certainly not somewhere I’d be returning to in a hurry (I have heard that their roti channai is pretty good). If you’re up for a cheap Indian curry and rice then I would recommend nearby Flora, Jungle J’s Curry Shack or Funky Curry instead.

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