On the way home RM and I had a discussion about where Jamie T, the hot new indie rock singer/songwriter from the UK, might come from. Sharing the same intelligence and rakish charm as the Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner and with his ‘orright guvnor’ geezer accent, we guessed the north. Maybe Leeds or Manchester? Or at a pinch, east London.

Nope. According to Wikipedia, Jamie T is from the upper class leafy London suburb of Wimbledon. Which makes his snappy, street-smart lyrics of gritty urban narratives seems slightly incongruous in hindsight. But ne’er mind. Jamie T, with his backing band The Pacemakers, is one talented 23 year old with an enormously energetic stage presence. He’s the kind of relaxed bloke that guys wanna be mates with and his boyish skinny frame and ruffled hair is the cute kind of look that girls wanna snog. He sang with fun and passion and looked out into the audience like he was loving every minute.

The sold out crowd definitely loved every minute, as they enthusiastically shouted the lyrics of every song, arms raised and pounding out the beat. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a gig that had a proper moshpit and the sweatbox The Hifi is the perfect place for it. It’s my favourite live music venue in Melbourne because the split level sunken floor means that you can stand on the edge of the moshpit, be able to see the stage, but not actually get caught up in the swirling mass of drunken, sweaty bodies or crowd-surfing mania. Climbing out into the cool night air of Swanston Street with my ears ringing and my clothes sticking to my skin, I felt elated. It was like I’d briefly regained my yoof and had become part of the music scene for the Skins generation.

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