For some people, the term ‘blogger’ implies a computer geek sitting at home, in the dark, tap-tap-tapping away at their computer keyboard for hours on end and only communicating to the outside world via an online persona.

Obviously they have never come across someone who blogs about food, because it’s simply the nature of food bloggers that we are social people. It is difficult to gain a broad experience of a restaurant or cafe when you only have one stomach to work with! However, personal circumstances have meant that I have been doing a lot of solo dining lately so sorry for yet another skim-the-surface post, this time of the extensive menu at Ying Thai 2.

From my research and personal recommendations, there is much love for Ying Thai 2 by Melbourne’s Thai food lovers and those in search of a cheap feed. This toy box garish restaurant looks much the same as the other restaurants down the city end of Lygon Street, but it’s distinguished by being constantly packed and at 6:30pm on a weeknight they were already turning people away.

The long menu contains many well-known dishes as well as more interesting (and I’m told, authentic) items to stretch the palate. As I was alone, I ducked out of the unfamiliar as I didn’t want to be eating a whole plate of curry or stir fry on my own, and stuck to a pad thai with beef (I know, I know, the chop suey/sweet and sour pork choice) ($12.90).

Quick as a flash a generous plate of noodles arrived. It was a good pad thai definitely – bouncy noodles, balanced seasoning, not too salty and not too sweet (I have once had pad thai cooked with what I swear was ketchup – ugh) and decent amounts of beef. It didn’t blow me away but then again I deliberately chose the super-safe option and probably the least exciting thing on the menu.

Given the gusto with which other patrons were sharing their dishes and the positive reviews from a roll-call of bloggers such as WenY Wonders Why, Sarah Cooks, That Jess Ho and Where’s the Beef, I’m encouraged to go back with a pack of hungry friends. Especially with Il Dolce Freddo‘s pandan and coconut ice cream a few doors down.

  • Ying Thai 2, 110 Lygon St, Carlton +61 3 9639 1697

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