The circus troupe Les 7 doigts de la main are all young graduates of Montreal’s National Circus School. Their latest production to come to Melbourne is Traces, which explores the traces they, and we, want to leave behind when we’re returned to the dust.

The dynamic dance and awe-inspiring acrobatics are very similar to Montreal’s other famous circus troupe, Cirque de Soleil, but what distinguishes this production is the youthful energy of the five cast members and the personal details they share with the audience. So in various scenes you find out different aspects of their personalities, dreams, memories and motivations. This is interspersed with skateboarding, basketball and some really spectacular circus skills, especially the tricks done by one guy on a constantly spinning giant hoop and the whole troupe leaping and somersaulting from metal poles like sticky-footed monkeys.

It’s a great show which will entertain young and old – and at $65 for a top price ticket it’s one of the better value big-name shows in town at the moment.