If you overdosed on chocolate after the Easter Bunny’s visit, now might be a good time to head over to The Tofu Shop International.

This Bridge Road casual dining spot has been in business for around 25 years, before tofu/vegetarianism became trendy, so it must be doing something right. It’s a pretty pared back approach – the options are to takeaway or grab a stool and dig into a changing selection of vegetarian dishes of East Asian, Indian and Western descent, all made fresh on the premises using seasonal ingredients.

For $8.95 I got a large filling tub of ‘a bit of everything’ on top of some brown rice and topped with some chilli paste. My mixed-platter-in-a-tub included roasted pumpkin, tofu, broccoli, beans and potatoes. It was flavoursome and delicious and it certainly goes against the belief that healthy food has to be bland and boring.

The friendly girl behind the counter said that next time I must come back for their house-made tofu icecream. I’ve also been reading lots of positive reports about their soyvlaki, so I’m definitely returning The Tofu Shop International.

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