TOFWD The Organic food and wine shop degraves street melbourne

TOFWD is a mouthful of a name, but at least there’s no second-guessing what’s on offer at a place called The Organic Food and Wine Deli.

This Degraves Street café and mini-health food shop serves organic food to the lunch masses, with pies, rolls, sandwiches, bowl food and sweet things on offer. I had a pumpkin and tofu pie with salad and relish ($11) and an irresistible slice of chocolate and sour cherry cake ($6.50).

TOFWD The Organic food and wine shop degraves street melbourne

The pie contained a fragrant Indian-spiced filling of pumpkin and tofu, but the pastry had been microwaved within an inch of its life to a chewy cardboard texture. Apparently, the pies are normally reheated in the microwave and then baked in the small grill oven, but the waitress admitted that she just hadn’t bothered to do it for me and apologised. A shame really, because if I hadn’t raised the disappointing pastry issue, I would have gone around pronouncing to everyone to avoid all pastry products from TOFWD.  The pie was accompanied by a big, colourful mound of super-fresh salad of lettuce, grated beetroot and sprouts, plus a chilli relish which worked well with the spicy flavours.

The organic, vegan and dairy-free cake was quite rich and could easily have been shared between two. There weren’t many actual sour cherries in my slice, but you could still taste subtle cherry flavours, taking the cake beyond your standard chocolate number. The icing was also particularly delicious.

There’s definitely a place in my eating for more tasty, healthy, organic vegetarian food from TOFWD. The bowl food seems the most popular lunch option and given my microwaved pie experience, I think I’ll be sticking with that next time.