Thread Den 16 Errol St North Melbourne

Thread Den: Part 2

After my success at Thread Den’s Sewing Basics Module 1, I was all enthused about Sewing Basics Module 2, where I’d be learning about zips, buttons, elastic and casings.

I don’t know whether it was the lunch of sausage rolls and cupcakes that I had, but I found it very hard to concentrate on the instructions. Luckily, patient Melissa helped me through the constant snarls in my thread, drunken swerving of stitches and confusions over top, bottom, left and right. So at the end of the three hours I could sew an elastic, a drawstring casing, a centred zip, lapped zip, invisible zip and a perfectly sized buttonhole (cheating really, the machine measures it up for you) – but to be honest I’m not sure I’d be able to replicate any of it without some help.

While we didn’t go home with a completed project this time, I still came away with a little something – the last charcoal Lucy in the Sky dress by Oh Bluebird that I wrote about before ($107)! Here I am in Federation Square parading this neat little dress – it’s work-appropriate demure from the front but what you can’t see is that there’s a cheeky gingham cutout at the back. It was actually designed by one of Thread Den’s business partners, Kylie Shepherd – these Thread Den ladies are really talented!

Thread Den 16 Errol St North Melbourne

Now that I’ve completed Sewing Basics ModuleĀ  1 and 2 I’m aiming for the grand finale, the A-line skirt in Sewing Basics Module 4.

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