At first glance, the sign for The Maling Room looks like The Mailing Room. Which is an apt name for the airy cafe housed in a Victorian era former post office, its faux majestic columns hailing the entrance to the little village street known as Maling Road.

Maling Road is a favourite pram-pushing destination for Eastern suburb mums and the clientele of The Maling Room reflects that popularity. This is no inner-city bolthole, with wide corridors of space between tables for prams and kids to run around under the high ceiling (which makes it pretty cold in winter, by the way).

Their menu is also mum friendly, with a large list of breakfast options (trust me, when you become a parent breakfasts become the new dining out option) and sandwiches for lunch. All the dishes are fairly conservative options, reflecting the prevailing demographic for the area.

Their main claim to fame though is their coffee – they have a couple of Synesso machines and make a special note that their milk is heated at the optimum 65 degrees, so if you want a hot coffee you’ve got to ask for it. Their roastery apparently supply most of the cafes along the Maling Road strip. The coffee menu listed three options for specialty coffee and food blogging mum Kat‘s Costa Rican Finca de Licho blend ($4) looked very pretty from my non-coffee drinker’s perspective. It was described as ‘a complex and vibrant coffee offering brown sugar sweetness. Shows notes of citrus, berries and dried fruit such as apricot’. Kat confessed that she was not a coffee connoisseur and rates her coffee as ‘good’ and ‘not good’ (much like HOT or NOT!) – this one got the thumbs up.

Kat and I met up for lunch and each ordered a dish from the breakfast menu – truffled eggs with juicy mushrooms and cherry tomatoes for her ($16) and smoked salmon, avocado and beetroot relish eggs for me ($16).

The breakfast was large and filling and fairly well done – not particularly exciting nor terrible. The big tick went to the just-set creamy scrambled eggs (nothing worse than scrambled eggs heading towards being omelette-like) though a minor quibble was that the toast could have been toasted for longer as under the weight of the toppings it became rather soggy.

All in all, our experience of The Maling Room was pleasant and as it’s set in a little strip with shops full of pretty things, it makes for a nice afternoon outing.  Though would I recommend that you cross town for the cafe? Probably not.

  • The Maling Room, 206 Canterbury Rd, Canterbury
  • Mon-Sat 7am-4.30pm | Sun 8am-4.30pm

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