MIFF #5: One of the more memorable trips that RM and I took during our time in London was our long weekend in Bucharest and Transylvania. Our experience of Romania was a bizarre combination of wild boar meatballs, razed old towns, desolate bus stations and massage parlour tourist maps – and so we have a special affection for the place.

Tales from the Golden Age takes a humorous look at life under the dictator Ceausescu – known in communist propaganda as the ‘Golden Age’. The film contains five stories about the absurdities and banality of life under communism – whether following outlandish orders in preparation for an official visit, fiddling with newspaper photographs, gassing a pig in an apartment or selling glass bottles for cash. The film perfectly captured the sense of peculiarness that RM and I experienced in Romania, but even if you’ve not been there I think it would still be enjoyable.

(Interestingly, apparently at each screening the producers select five from the total of six tales and show them in a random order in order to recreate the confusion of life under communism.)