Melbourne Fringe Festival #3: Tale of the Golden Lease by four blokes in jeans, otherwise known as Vigilantelope.

While the rest of Melbourne was getting celebrating/commiserating over the grand final, I sat in a dark room at the Lithuanian Club and got transported to heaven, hell, the prehistoric era and a fish and chip shop. Tale of the Golden Lease is a wild story about the race between God and Satan to find the lease for Earth and thus control the fate of humans, all before (Father) time runs out. Naturally such an important religious topic involved a couple of Olympics opening ceremony-style dance numbers, hasty costume changes, boom-boom puns, midgets, funny accents and a very convincing impression of the slobbering hounds of hell.

Tale of the Golden Lease is an impressively imaginative low-fi production, the kind of independent theatre that fringe does best. It sold out at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, so you can expect tickets to be HOT for this run too.