‘Sweet studio’. For someone with a huge sweet tooth like me, I don’t think there are words more exciting  (except maybe ‘all you can eat dessert buffet’).

UK expats Ian Burch and Darren Purchese specialise in pastries and desserts and they are opening up a dessert only store in South Yarra in April. While that premises is being finalised, they’ve opened a little pop up store in the CBD where you can sample a small selection of their individual treats and purchase full-sized cakes.

Being a very thorough blogger, I purchased one of each variety from the tiered display and dithered over which of the cakes to buy. With the help of Cath Claringbold (yes, the famous Melbourne chef and partner of Darren) I decided on the chocolate, mandarin, murray river salted caramel cake ($45). The list of ingredients is impressively long: Kendari 60% Chocolate Mousse, Murray River Salted Caramel, Burnt Mandarin Cream, St Clements Marmalade, Aerated Chocolate Shortbread, Azabache Mirror Glaze and Orange Zest. It can all be summed up in one word – delicious! Layers of fudgey, moussey, rich deliciousness.

It was easily my favourite of all the desserts I tried, with the melting sweetness of the apple and rhubarb crumble with apple jelly, hazelnut crumble, vanilla cream, rhubarb compote, set apple compote, dehydrated pistachio cake, freeze dried plum ($8) a close second (I’m a sucker for desserts in tubes).

The other two individual desserts, a caramelised white chocolate mousse with liquid passionfruit centre and Violet Crumble made from chocolate mousse, violet cream, explosive (!) spicy crumb, almond sponge, chocolate glaze and honeycomb ($6 and $8) suffered a bit in transit so sorry I didn’t take any photos.

The pop up store will be open again this Thursday and Friday, and you will be able sample individual portions of the four flavours of cake this week instead of having to buy a whole cake (though really, not much of a hard ask).

The Sweet Studio is slated to launch in South Yarra on 14 April although according to Cath the city location may still be retained afterwards though as it provides a convenient location for city officeworkers in need of a sweet pick-me-up or picking up items. Stay tuned…

  • Sweet Studio Pop Up Store, Careers Australia Building, 196 Flinders Street, Melbourne