Collingwood College Spring Fair

I haven’t been to a school fete in years, so I don’t know how the Spring Fair at Collingwood College stacks up compared to other school fetes these days. Let’s just say back in my day (old age, coming right up) we weren’t selling sushi and chickpea curry.

But then Collingwood College is an amazingly diverse school, so you’d expect the Spring Fair to be equally diverse. And it was fabulous! There were your usual sausage sizzle, trash and treasure and clothes jumble sales, as well an incredible cake stall (organic ginger spice cake $8), more-ish pumpkin and caramelised onion wood fired pizzas from the pizza oven built by the grade 3s ($3.50), buttery yoyos ($4) and jars of to-die-for lemon curd ($5) made by the kids doing the Kitchen Garden program as well as Harley sidecar rides, smashing plates game, a Greek dancing demonstration and a blacksmith.

The whole school felt so fun-filled, colourful and vibrant. Even though I don’t have kids, it was wonderful to experience a part of my local community and to see lots of happy children of all different races and ages running around having fun together.