I think this Sunday Age article is kind of true – in the north there’s yoga for everybody (including dogs), hippies, fixies and all the girls look like they stepped out of frankie magazine. Which is why the shop Spelt Quinoa is perfect for the neighbourhood.

This little shop of healthy goodness opened about a year ago and it stocks bulk health food in the vein of Friends of the Earth and Organic Wholefoods. Inside you’ll find all the nuts, fruit, flour, pulses, grains and seeds you’ve ever dreamed of – including of course spelt and quinoa. You can buy the most popular products in grab-and-go paper parcels or buy only exactly how much you need, which ensures that your stocks are fresh in your pantry all the time.

Spelt Quinoa also stock gluten free bread every Wednesday and Mr Nice Guy vegan cupcakes are returning to the store soon.

If you’re confused by what’s what the owner Gemma is very helpful – we had a discussion about the relative merits of steel cut oats and rolled oats (steel cut oats for cooked porridge, rolled oats for bircher muesli), how to use amaranth and the popularity of her three muesli mixes. Apparently the good people of Fitzroy are obsessed with breakfast cereal! Who knew?

I came away with some pantry staples and will be back to have a further explore of the ‘secret back room’…

Spelt Quinoa, 40 Johnston St, Fitzroy +61 3 9939 9330

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