songs from the 86 tram, lithuanian club, 44 errol street north melbourne

Docklands and Bundoora. That’s a pretty big contrast. And perfect comedy material for a fringe festival hit from The Bedroom Philosopher, Songs from the 86 Tram.

The 86 is my home tram and I can tell you it’s a carriage of character compared to my former tram (No 8 to Toorak – homogenous and perfectly groomed). Justin Heazlewood, the self-described love child of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, sings the story of the 86s (‘we are tramily!’) interspersed with occasional monologues from the mumbling tram driver, some cheerful tram ‘dings’ and the beep-beep sound of a Metcard being validated.

Heazlewood expresses the thoughts and feelings of the lonely granny, new immigrant, broken-hearted bogan, pretentious music funkster, drug-addled couples and ‘new media’ types in witty and poignant lyrics, covering a variety of musical styles from hip hop to low-fi folk to pub rock mostly with just a guitar. The show has some very funny moments and some patches of low energy, much like the up and down route of the 86. If you’re a Melburnian you’ll love it.

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