Smith Street, along with the perpendicular Gertrude Street, is fast becoming Melbourne’s main destination for good quality vintage clothing and furniture. Starting from Victoria Parade, your first stop is Lost and Found Market, then keep heading north to check out 84 Smith Street, Angelucci, with your final destination being Smith Street Bazaar. Not to mention all the op shops on the way as well.

Like Lost and Found Market, Smith Street Bazaar is actually a collection of individual stallholders who sell different sorts of items – some show in mid-century wooden Danish furniture, some stock in clothing, some specialise in lamps and knick-knacks. The items are aimed at the high end of the market, hence there are no bargains and some of it is gasp-inducing expensive, but all of it is good quality, hopefully durable and classic, and most importantly, beau-ti-ful.

For a while I had been looking for a chest of drawers/tall-boy for our front entrance. After stalking eBay for a couple of weeks, I finally came across the perfect one at Smith Street Bazaar, on sale at 20% off. Each item is unique so without too much thought we snapped it up. For an extra $50 they can organise delivery.

I make a point of dropping in every couple of weeks or so, mainly to seek furnishings inspiration, but I’m now also  haunting the store for a matching hatstand for our winter coats, hats and helmets. If you spot one, let me know!

  • Smith Street Bazaar, 305-307 Smith St, Fitzroy +61 3 9419 4889