Schocolate Brunswick St Gertrude St Fitzroy

It appears that Melbourne’s appetite for artisan chocolate just keeps expanding – Shocolate is a shiny new chocolatier that has just opened in my hood, near the corner of Brunswick and Johnston Streets.

On a steaming hot Saturday the outdoor tables in the teeny front area where all occupied, but anyway we wanted to escape the heat in the cool and welcoming red and white interior.  Our afternoon indulgence – a giant Rocher ($4.50). This ball of goodness is definitely a dessert for two; the dark chocolate encases a thin wafer and an insane amount of rich  hazelnut praline. It’s almost like dipping an ice cream scoop into a jar of (high quality Belgian) Nutella.

Schocolate Brunswick St Gertrude St Fitzroy

The counter cabinet holds a colourful assortment of handmade chocolates and chocolate desserts and on the side there is a glass panel where you can peek inside the kitchen to watch the chocolaterier at work. I noted with approval that he uses Cacao Barry chocolate and Callebaut cocoa powder, both ingredients that are in my pantry cupboard (carted back from Brugges).

Indolent Dandy said that Shocolate’s hot chocolate was possibly the best hot chocolate he’s ever had, so I’ll be going back when the weather cools down.

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