Whoops. Luckily no one important reads this blog, otherwise by now I would have been held to account for my wee defamatory comment on Shark Fin House.

Correction: There is no third floor, and the top floor (second floor) doesn’t appear to be a special area for non-Chinese where they serve sub-standard food. Although if you don’t have an eagle eye it’s likely that you’ll still be shunted the cold egg custard tarts – I had to ask specifically for fresh baked tarts and not the ones sitting on the heated trolley shelves.

Also a tip – if you have a group which is larger than three people, it’s best to pre-book a couple of days ahead. We had six people and spent a nerve-wracking twenty minutes wondering whether our queueing was in vain. Fortunately no – an hour later and $15 lighter, I tumbled back out into the noon sunshine and shuffled home for a digestive nap.

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