Is it possible that I’ve found the best satay sauce in Melbourne…in Zone 2?

Every family, every region and every country has their own satay recipe – and everyone has their favourite. I’ve eaten a lot of satays both in Australia and in South East Asia and I’m so excited about discovering the spicy satay sauce made by Sataylicious!

Sataylicious is a husband-and-wife run satay stall in vibrant and multi-cultural Dandenong Market. The couple make their skewers and sauces fresh on premises using a secret family recipe from Singapore. You can eat on the spot or take home skewers of chicken or beef (12 for $9.95) plus tubs of normal or spicy satay sauce ($3.95).

My pet hates with satay sauce are that they can be too sweet, too runny or too smooth and Sataylicious‘ spicy satay sauce is none of those – it contains recognisable chunks of peanut in it and has a real punch of heat of the ‘need water now’ variety. The meat was tender and marinated with a blend of strong-flavoured spices which were almost Indian in flavour.

I cooked twelve satays over an electric barbecue for the suggested 3.5 minutes on both sides and then tossed some green veg in the pan juices afterwards with a sprinkling of water. Served with some steamed rice and a saucer of spicy satay sauce and voila! Dinner in an easy 10 minutes. The remainder of the sauce I’ve popped in the freezer (it’ll keep for 6 months) until my next visit to Sataylicious.

Sataylicious, Shop W3, Dandenong Market, Cnr Clow and Cleeland St, Dandenong 0403154190

Tuesday 7am – 4pm Friday 7am – 5pm Saturday 7am – 3pm