Hip hangouts can be found everywhere in Melbourne and Salford Lads Club fits in the bill in the most unlikeliest of areas – the nether-regions of industrial Port Melbourne.

Ex-industrial factory space – check. Stripped back brickwork and exposed beams – check. Wood, lots of it – check. Cool bikes – check. Young and hip waitstaff – check. Killer coffee reputation – check.

In addition though, some more quirky design elements caught my fancy. The tyre swing hanging from the bow of a huge sweeping tree. The streamlined filtered water station that I want in my house. The two cosy U-shaped nooks built into one side of the wall.

The coffee comes courtesy of a blush pink La Marzocco machine brewing Coffee Supreme beans and is served with a kitsch souvenir spoon – wonder who’s been to Pakistan lately?

Port Melbourne local M said that her coffee was pretty good though she probably wouldn’t travel out of her usual Beach Road/Bay Street route, preferring the coffee at Third Wave Cafe.  This cup had a hint of bitterness to it.

Their breakfast menu is what I’d call classic with a twist. So free range, organic eggs come in the form of Benedict, Atlantic and to M’s choice, dukkah crusted ($15). Her eggs were perfectly poached with a pocket of white releasing a runny yolk with a stab of the knife.

My first breakfast choice consisted of house-made bean which weren’t available so I switched to the Northern breakfast ($18), otherwise known as a big fat fry-up.  The sausage and bacon were j

uicy and the vegetables – grilled tomato, avocado, sauteed mushrooms – were fresh and flavoursome. I’m not much of a fan of black pudding so I can’t comment much on this version other than the fact it was chunky – is that’s usual?

The surprising element in the dish were the eggs. Instead of poached eggs I asked for scrambled and what came out was sort of like chopped up pan-fried egg – as you can see the white and yolks hadn’t been combined together before being poured into the fry pan.

As we finished our meal at the tail end of breakfast they were just putting up their blackboard lunch menu. There were at least two or three dishes which sounded great and I’d venture to say that the lunch menu is more interesting than breakfast. So next time I’m definitely returning for lunch….and steering clear of scrambled eggs.

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Salford Lads Club, 1 Fennell St, Port Melbourne  +61 3 9900 1234
Weekdays 7am – 4pm
Weekends 8am – 4pm

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