It’s been a month since I was married and so I thought it would be a good time to start a series of posts relating to the wedding – basically my review of all the different suppliers we used for our day. I know that when I was researching florists, photographers and cake shops I would have liked to hear some honest opinions of other people’s experiences.

For those of you who are not getting married or are already married – I think the posts will still be useful for other events you may be organising. Otherwise please enjoy the photos!

The wedding posts will be coming sporadically in the next few weeks. First – the ceremony venue.

Epicure MTH

(Photograph from Epicure Catering)

Neither RM and I are churchgoers, so when it came to deciding where to hold our wedding ceremony the one thing we were sure about was that it wasn’t going to be in a church.

The other part we were sure about was that we wanted to get married somewhere iconic to our adopted home town, a building or place with some history. After much brainstorming we alighted on the idea of Melbourne Town Hall.

Melbourne Town Hall hires out many of its rooms for public functions and weddings. Originally we had thought we would hold the ceremony in the Assembly Hall – how many people can say that they got married where parliament used to sit? But when we visited the marble and stone Portico Balcony, overlooking the beautiful National Trust listed Manchester Unity Building and with the background sound of the dinging trams of Swanston Street, we knew that this was the perfect place.

The semi-outdoor space and limited seating gave a more informal tone to the ceremony and the roof protected us from Melbourne’s unpredictable weather (although it was gorgeous on the actual day).

The indoor room (we moved into the Melbourne Room because it was available and nicer than the adjoining Portico Room) meant that there was space for us to conduct a traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

As we had also decided to have our photos taken before the ceremony in the morning, we were able to take advantage of Melbourne Town Hall‘s rich red carpets, brass fittings and beautiful architecture ad backdrops. The photo below was taken by our photographer Rodney Hobbs (more on him later) on the steps leading up from Collins Street to the foyer.

Finally, Casey Hearps, the Event Sales Coordinator from Epicure Catering (the company that manages functions at Melbourne Town Hall) was really good to work with. She was helpful and knowledgeable, took RM and I around on separate occasions when we were deciding on which room, then let us trek various parents around the venue at different times when they were visiting from interstate. She was prompt, efficient and clear in all of her communications and helped us by providing chairs, tables and a hot water urn for the tea for the team ceremony.  Having an organised events management person really made things a lot easier so I really commend Casey and Epicure Catering on their work.