When I worked in the CBD one of my shopping challenges was finding a good loaf of bread. I rarely had time in my lunch hour to travel to Queen Victoria Markets or battle the lines at David Jones Foodhall, which meant often I had to be organised enough to buy my bread on my way to work.

Fortunately, one of Melbourne’s best specialty bakeries, Phillippa’s, has now ably filled that gap by opening a cosy store in Howey Place, between Collins and Little Collins Streets. Just look out for the faux stone brickwork outlined onto the exterior of the shop, giving it a very European feel.

The city store offers ย a selection of take-away provisions from Phillippa’s large range of products, including loaves of bread (yay!), packets of biscuits and slices, jars of preserves and their muesli and granola blends.

There are also ready-to-eat items which you can take with you or eat in at the mini tables at the back of the shop – a rotating menu of freshly sandwiches and mini breakfast rolls (highly recommend the crispy bacon and tomato), salads or soups depending on the time of year, cinnamony muffins filled with chunks of apple and cranberry, bite-sized morsels of Phillippa’s must-try caramel pear slice and breakfast cups of yoghurt, fruit and granola.

Note that there is no white bread available! The bread is made from wheatmeal, wholewheat honey, rye, grain and stoneground organic flours.

With Christmas coming up the seasonal range is also available in store. I am a huge fan of Phillippa’s pain d’epice which keeps forever and is great with cheese or on its own though I think there are better mince pies to be found in the city. On my next visit I’m also going to buy a canvas bread bag – these are great for keeping bread fresh.

Phillippa’sย City Store, 15 Howey Place, Melbourne +61 3 9671 04030
Monday-Friday 7am-5:30pm
Saturday 8:30am-2:30pm