08_Finished piece

Ah Melbourne. A city full of hidden secrets.

When I first moved to Melbourne I would often roam the laneways of the CBD and the inner city with a camera slung around my neck (yes, this is in the era before camera phones!) gawping at the urban landscape punctuated by street art like I’d never seen in the suburbs of Brisvegas.

While I consider myself well and truly Melburnian now sometimes it still pays to be a tourist in your home town. The Age recently launched a campaign called Forever Curious as a fun way to discover the interesting nooks and crannies of the city and the stories and secrets that lie just beneath the surface.

As part of the campaign they encouraged people to submit pictures of their favourite pieces of street art via Twitter and Instagram. Well, my current favourite is a huge paste-up just around the corner from my home and is set incongruously across the road from the local post office.

And guess what? My contribution was  incorporated into a new mural produced by street artists Rone and Phibs in Hosier Lane!

Curious Art-22 (Rone)

Image by Mat Bell at Apollo Nation

Curious Art-31

Image by Mat Bell at Apollo Nation

The stunning work is a sort of map or signpost that points you to great works of graffiti in Melbourne – go and check out the mural and the piece of artwork that I tweeted at Gore x Argyle (Fitzroy).


You can also watch this time lapse video and see the artists transform the laneway with their work.

FAIRFAX – FOREVER CURIOUS – STREET ART from Aegis Media – Team EPIC on Vimeo.