North Cafeteria is small and straight to the point, just like this review.

It’s located on the northside of town. To be specific, it’s a favourite with the locals of North Carlton, right in the heart of sedate Rathdowne Village.

The cafe is essentially one room with small corridor of outdoor space at the back. The single room is dominated by a huge cartoon mural drawn by Sadie Chandler on one side, the coffee station bedecked with Coffee Supreme bags on the other side and is spanned by a twirling brigade of white plastic moulded tulip chairs from Knoll.

The menu is a short blackboard list of breakfast dishes that melds into more lunch-ey options. While cheese and fish are not natural partners, I loved the sound of the sardines with haloumi ($13.50). A plate of fishy fish and melted cheese on relish-slathered bread, with a generous handful of rocket and a wedge of lemon to cut through the oily fish and salty cheese. Simple yet effective.

The cakes and pastries are sourced from Little Bertha, which can be found at many other cafes, so I decided to give them a miss.

That’s pretty much it – as promised, a short and snappy review of a cafe worth your time if you’re in the area. Adios amigos!

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