Migo's Flinders Lane Melbourne

I normally bring my lunch into work so that I have time to fit in a gym session in my lunch hour. However, when I’m disorganised about my lunch, I tend to use it as an excuse to be disorganised about the gym too. So today, lunch-less, I abandoned my gym gear for the second day in a row and headed to Migo’s for a quick sandwich.

Migo's Flinders Lane Melbourne

Migo’s is a cute and stylish hole-in-the-wall cafe typical of our city’s laneways, and what makes it stand out is their roast duck sandwich ($8). You wouldn’t believe how good toasted Turkish bread can taste when it contains duck meat, sweet cherry and plum sauce, rocket…and brie. Yes, it’s an Asian-fusion sandwich and it works! And how good do those fat homemade muffins look?

The staff there are friendly too – we had a chat about sourcing paper luggage tags (another wedding idea) while I was waiting for my sandwich to toast.

Need more quick lunch stops nearby? Try Journal, Roule Galette and TOFWD.

Update: If you’re vegetarian, try the mushroom pide – filled with mushrooms, artichokes, grilled haloumi and smeared with basil pesto.