Mezina Smith St Collingwood

There are heaps of trendy places for breakfast in Collingwood (check out Gluttony It’s a Sin, Proud Mary and Cibi)…and Mezina isn’t one of them.

It looks trendy on the outside – it’s housed inside the ground floor of the refurbished Collingwood post office with a touch of a Middle Eastern vibe in the decor and with high benches facing the passing parade of Smith Street. But really it’s a bog-standard cafeteria with pretensions of coolness.

On the day I visited the vast space was practically empty and the staff seemed to care more about chatting to themselves than serving customers. In the whole time I was there, dirty plates with congealed egg sat uncleared at the next table – gross.

It does have one thing going for it. If you want to start the day with a no-fuss and filling breakfast, Mezina’s breakfast bowl is the way to go. Check out the overflowing heap of oat, seed and dried fruit muesli, honey-tinged yoghurt and cinnamon poached fruit or fresh fruit salad for the bargain price of $7.50.

The rest of the breakfast menu is your standard litany of eggs and toast and is pretty uninspiring. Personally I won’t be returning to Mezina unless I run out of muesli at home.

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