Metrosketchual‘s write-up described them as ‘the best live sketch show of the festival’ -The Pun. And despite my initial misgivings (out-of-the-way venue, never heard of them, offering me free tickets), the two guys (one of whom had an uncanny resemblance to comedian Jack Black, which gave them a head start already) delivered a hilarious show. This was comedy for comedy’s sake – no deeper subtext, no socio–eco-political undertones – just two blokes having fun on stage, acting out funny scenarios with a slick use of music, video, lights and silly puns. I still get the giggles when I think about the hysterical pedestrian-walk dance to Rolling Stones’ Scorpio. The small audience in the back room of the cosy Glasshouse Hotel did not stop laughing for the hour, and that’s the best you can ask.