Today we have another guest post by Poppy, my blogging buddy who’s the author of Poppy Gets a Life (you can read her previous guest post here).

We all know the best way to find a good hairdresser (or doctor or manicurist or barista) is to ask someone in the know for a recommendation. Here’s Poppy’s take on her new hairdressers, Meddlers. Thanks Poppy!


Despite working in the cosmetics industry, I maintain my relatively low-maintenance approach to personal grooming.

Hence, when my usual hairdresser departed Botanica in the city, I conducted a quick once-over on my loyalties to the salon itself, and decided that a change of location was in order. And, now that I no longer work on Collins Street, it made sense to find a hair salon closer to home.

South Yarra is overflowing with salons catering to the wealthy inner suburbanites, so when a friend recommended Meddlers I was relieved to have a positive personal experience to run with.

With a cut and blow-dry costing $84 for women and $68 for men, Meddlers isn’t a bargain-hunter’s dream. But the price point does deliver in a number of key areas.

A selection of tea is available while you wait, served in delightful T2 crockery. And not just a single cup of tea; an entire teapot is included in the setting served on a vibrantly coloured wicker tray.

The large communal colour table is strewn with the latest magazines and a copy of today’s Age. I was happy to see quality men’s magazine GQ and industry heavyweight FashionTrend, but disappointed not to see a Vogue or Harpers Bazaar.


The appearance of quality male-oriented literature reflects the salon’s heritage of male styling. Gary and Chris, Meddlers‘ owners, have been in partnership for almost seven years now and run the training side of men’s salon brand American Crew in Australia.

Gary’s educational flair became apparent during the final stages of my hair dry, when he helpfully offered some tricks on how to handle an irritating curl that likes to appear in my fringe – something no other stylist has ever bothered to share.

I was delighted with the cut and the styling – unlike many other experiences, I walked out of the salon with just the right level of volume and swing in my hair. Not too much so as to look bouffant, not so flat that I look like an Addams Family long-lost cousin.

The salon is located on new premises on Toorak Road. The separate, dimly lit wash and colouring room sports comfortable leather recliners with built-in back massagers. The setting was peaceful, without requiring strange pipe music. In fact, I don’t remember hearing any music in the salon at all.

And the all-important question: did your stylist leave you in peace, or bombard you with inappropriate personal questions and tales of their drunken weekend misdemeanours?

Usually I like to be left alone during my cut, and Gary was happy to chat to Chris who was working beside us while I browsed the Good Weekend Magazine. When I did seek to engage him in conversation he became animated and delighted to chat about the history of the business. I’m sure as our relationship evolves it will be easy to reach a balance.

All in all, the combination of an experienced, no-nonsense stylist and a relaxed, beautifully turned-out salon results in Meddlers being a HOT winner.

(All photographs thanks to Meddlers)