Mayumana is a 85 minutes of  all-singing, all-dancing, slapstick energy and it’s inevitable that it will be compared to the last all-singing, all-dancing , slapstick show that Melbourne hosted, Cirque de Soleil.

The difference with Mayumana is that the thumping rhythm of the show is provided by the acoustic properties of the body and a series of unusual props. So much of the beat comes from the troupe drumming on plastic buckets, steel cans and wheelie bins, slapping their thighs, arms and chests, stamping their feet, breathing down long plastic tubes like a didgeridoo and even dancing and leaping with glow-in-the-dark flippers.

Much of the broad-strokes comedy fell a bit flat with me (more suitable for young uns I think) and the show’s not particularly innovative or groundbreaking – but you’ve got to admire the precision, vibrancy and evident enjoyment of the percussionists.