Mag Nation 88 Elizabeth St Melbourne Hot or Not review

I like free stuff. I’m just not sure whether Melbourne is ready to see my bum in order for me to get it.

Cool magazine shop Mag Nation (the land of magazines yay!) is currently holding a promotion called Undies Monday. Yes, you heard right – if you strip down to your underwear between 12-5pm on Mondays you can grab any item worth $50 and under for free.

My intrepid friend Kimberley enlisted me as her (clothed) sidekick while she scoped out her $50 and under item (Purple Fashion, $44.95), then stripped off in front of passers-by on Elizabeth Street. Not many people blinked an eye – in fact, some people stopped kindly while I took the ‘Victory!’ shot of Kimberley as she left with her tome.

In front of the store I also met Sahil Merchant, the founder of Mag Nation. Young and dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, he looked like any other Mag Nation customer and we had a brief chat about what he’d discovered about Undies Mondays.

The promotion has proved to be very popular, especially with guys. Sahil said that last week they had about 200 people in the  Elizabeth Street store (he has to sit outside to keep an eye on what’s going on for legal, not pervy, reasons)  and on the first Monday they had so many people come in across Australia that they had to instigate new rules to make sure the stores weren’t cleaned out.

Interestingly, a remarkable proportion of the nudie customers were of Asian descent. Even though you’d think Asians would be inherently conservative about getting down to their underwear in public, Undies Mondays just goes to show that we’ll do anything for free stuff (I’m allowed to say that because I’m Chinese).

You have two more Mondays to take advantage of this offer – make sure you read the rules here before you take your clothes off.

And if you’re inclined to keep your clothes on and would rather shop from online from the comfort of your house, Mag Nation also offers online shopping and magazine subscriptions.