I like myself the most when I’m on holiday. I’m positive and energised, I’m endlessly curious about places and people, I’m intensely mindful of my surroundings and I take the time to enjoy small moments.

So when the temporary Lost & Found Hotel Room told me that they had room at the inn for two nights, I jumped at the chance to have a little vacation in the heart of the CBD.

I’ve already blogged about the layout and furnishings of this special Tourism Victoria-sponsored hotel room here, so this post is a more in-depth review of the luxuries of being a tourist in my own city. Sadly, no casual strolls around Melbourne’s laneways or art galleries for this sightseer though.

Day 1

I checked in after work and on entering the hotel room with its big cheerful HELLO sign, clapped my hands in delight (yes literally). I then went about the room, thoroughly uncovering every little well-thought out detail – touching, feeling, sniffing and listening.

These beautiful flowers from Cecilia Fox decorated the high-set glass dining table from Thomas Place, which cast intriguing ethereal shadows on the ceiling.

I invited some of my friends over to check out the room, here’s S trying to work the record player. Eleven university degrees and one professional musician in the room, and not one of us could operate this vintage piece of machinery properly. So no Melbourne music for us.

For pre-dinner festivities, we raided the mini-bar package from the Yarra Valley Dairy. Creamy marinated Persian feta and Spiced Syrian Fig relish on crackers, marinated Mount Zero olives and glasses of Pizzini red wine went down very well.

After stuffing ourselves we then proceeded to stuff ourselves further at cheap and cheerful Singapore Chom Chom.

The evening was perfect for more cosying back at the hotel room. The Koko Black chocolates made the perfect dessert with the Larsen & Thomspon flowering tea as we gave the curious ffixxed double wearable picnic rug a test run…

….constructed elephant puzzles made by Black Panda….

….looked up Youtube videos of our friend on the provided Macbook (an another Thomas Place desk)…

…and after our friends had departed, indulged in a bath with fragrant Aesop products and some uniquely Melbourne-esque bedtime reading.

Day 2

A bath in the morning (!) before heading out for breakfast at Liaison Cafe around the corner. My step was jaunty as I headed to work in my 5 minute commute, already planning my lunch stop at Stellini Bar. I wanted to eat carbs, lots of carbs, just so I could go take advantage of having an available bed in the CBD and having a post-prandial nap! Even though I didn’t get a chance to sleep in the end, I’m glad that I managed to briefly enjoy the room in the daytime , as it was a light-filled oasis of calm compared to the dim cosy ambience of the night before.

And after work that night, back to the hotel room with no Masterchef, no housework, no disturbances, just books and bed.

Day 3

Another indulgent morning soak. Check out. Back to reality. Sigh.

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