My god daughter is a little girl after my heart. She’s got blonde curls, big blue eyes, is generous with hugs and sings ‘You are my sunshine’ to me. Even better, she loves making and eating (chocolate) cake. Which is why I just had to buy this adorable ‘Little Helper Set’ from London and American Supply Stores ($29.95). (As I don’t think she’s learned how to use the interweb yet, I think it’s safe to publish a picture of her Christmas present now).

London and American Supply Stores stocks desirable adult-sized kitchenware and equipment of the sort found in the Little Helper Set. So you’ll be able to find aprons (non-nonsense blue butchers aprons were only $11), oven mitts, rolling pins, spatulas, pastry brushes, tongs, colourful paper muffin cases, cookie cutters and jelly moulds in all shapes and sizes and even a chef’s toque. They also provide a knife sharpening service on Fridays only.