Continuing on from yesterday’s fun exercise of listing my Top 3 HOT OR NOT experiences of 2009, here’s Part 2 of the list. What are your top 3 HOT or NOTs for 2009?

t Winter BBQ Heide Museum of Modern Art 7 Templestowe Road Bulleen11. HOT 3 Fun things I could only do because I was unemployed

12. HOT 3 new skills I learnt in 2009

14. NOT 3 things that were supposed to be funny and kinda weren’t that funny

15. HOT 3 great things I rediscovered after returning from London

16. HOT 3 Book to film adaptations where the movie was better

17. HOT 3 reasons to go venture into the alleywayspushka melbourne

18. HOT 3 meals in 2009

19. HOT 3 ways to live a more eco-friendly life

20. NOT 3 wildly popular restaurants for which I have no explanation

On that note, have a happy and HOT New Year!