I must be the only food blogger, nay the only Melburnian, who doesn’t drink coffee.

Sometimes it can really hinder the completeness of my reviews, especially when I go to a place that specialises in coffee, like Liasion. Liasion is the sixth cafe run by Danny Colls of Cafe Racer fame, and from what I could tell, in the morning everyone heads there for their first coffee before heading to the office. There’s really no sit-down breakfast menu to speak of other than Danish pastries, toast and muesli.

I perched myself at the high window bench and ordered a muesli with yoghurt and fruit ($11), a lovely toasted concoction of large whole nuts. With no coffee for me, Danny suggested I try a glass of chai ($4) ‘the best chai you’ll ever have’. Well, it was very creamy and fragrant and made with brewed tea, not powder. Definitely one of the most comforting cups of chai I’ve tried.

I liked the cosy atmosphere of the cafe housed in the crazy jagged Monaco House, from the U-shaped bench surrounding the coffee machine, the Urban Crop tulips suspended from the ceiling and red Perspex figures designed and made by Danny – to represent that Liasion welcomes all people from all walks of life.

Coincidentally I ran into Suzanne from Essjayeats lining up for her coffee. She told me that she goes to Liasion for its consistency – Danny makes every coffee and as a result he knows the orders of his regular customers very well. Apparently if he’s sick or away, the cafe closes. That kind of dedication to quality is very admirable.

For more details about the actual coffee-drinking at Liasion, check out Melbourne Gastronome.

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