For those of you who may not have noticed yet, there’s a new little button on the top menu of MEL: HOT OR NOT –  MEL: Heat Map.

What’s that, you ask? Well, I have been spending my waking hours putting every review on MEL: HOT OR NOT onto a single map. So that means you can go to the movies, find out where to eat nearby, go for dessert at the gelati shop around the corner and drop into a shop to buy your Mum a birthday present on your way home.

To help me launch this whiz-bang map project is Jenny Jiang, one of the co-founders of Melbourne Op Shop Tours. Jenny’s a resident of North Melbourne, and here are her picks for what’s HOT around her neighbourhood. You can take yourself on a little tour with the MEL: Heat Map to guide your way. Thanks Jenny!

Fantastic coffee, house-baked sweet treats and really friendly staff

My favourite breakfast in town – especially the eggs with beetroot relish and the fruit toast with marscapone spread. They have a very limited lunch menu but it’s yummy all the same. It looks really really tiny but there is a courtyard out the back for those rare days when Melbourne weather isn’t ridiculous!

Tiny hole in the wall vintage store with great jewellery and some really outrageous items of clothing! They also have nice   leather bags and scarves. If you do go in and Martin’s there – say Hi for me! We visit his store on our Inner North op shop tour.

Lovely higher-end second hand store with some new stock by Melbourne designers. We also visit this store on our Inner North tour. Gianna (shop-owner) is really sweet and some of the dresses in here are amazing. It is quite pricey though so better for  special occasion shopping. Some of their stock is sourced overseas so it’s perfect for event shopping because you know you’ll   be the only one in that outfit!

Yummy almond croissants and other buttery baked treats.