Given the far-reaching reputation of Jock’s Ice Cream and Sorbet, I was surprised to discover that it occupied such a small space on Victoria Avenue. But the unassuming storefront belies the high quality icecream made daily (by Jock!) offered inside.

Anyway, there’s no way you can miss the store, as the heat of summer brings a gaggle of ice-cream lovers constantly to its doors. Locals also seem to treat the benches outside as de facto sunlounges as they kick off their shoes and lick their waffle cones.

Many Melburnians rate Jock’s as the best ice cream parlour in Melbourne. Certainly the number of awards lining the wall stopped me in my tracks and made my flavour selection very difficult.

Sadly, the famed Roast Almond or Hokey Pokey were not available on the day, so I went for the gold medal winning Summer Pudding and silver medal winning Nougat ($5). Both flavours were supremely creamy, with the sparkling berry coulis rippling through the Summer Pudding being the real stunner. Although I’m particularly partial to my own homemade icecream, I can say without reservation that Jock’s makes very, very good icecream.

For those lucky enough to live close to Jock’s, you can also buy take home tubs. With this heatwave, I suspect they’ll be very popular.

For more excellent ice cream around town, try Fritz Gelato and Il Dolce Freddo.

  • Jock’s Ice Cream and Sorbet, 83 Victoria Ave, Albert Park +61 3 9686 3838

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