Mad Men is probably my favourite television series. Besides the tight script and convincing acting I really enjoy seeing the beautiful 60s costumes and set design (I have a penchant for vintage lamps and mid-century furniture).

So I was quite excited to discover that from Thursday September 8 to Sunday October 2 Chadstone Shopping Centre is hosting Icons of Style, a free exhibition of some of the costumes from Mad Men. In all my years living in Melbourne I have never been to Chadstone (unbelievable, I know) but Betty Draper’s Grace Kelly inspired wardrobe to Joan’s Va-va-voom tailored dresses was enough to draw me there. (Note that this is a picture-heavy post!)

I went with the ever-lovely Marianne from Esme and the Laneway – elegantly dressed in vintage, perfectly coiffed and with immaculate make up.

Mad Men’s Costume Designer, Janie Bryant, has curated a selection of looks worn by the main characters in the show. They have been set up on a round stage in the luxury precinct along with some furniture and objects of the era – such as the covetable desk, vintage typewriter and drinks trolley – and Mattel’s Barbie Collector Mad Men Dolls.

The podium is bounded by perspex which is understandable as you don’t want people touching the garments, but on the other hand there’s no way to avoid the ring when taking photos, so please bear with the faint line and slight reflections that you see in the images.

While the womens clothes were pretty (I didn’t bother with the mens’ garments – a suit is a suit is a suit) they had been put on standard sized modern mannequins, which meant that some of the clothes didn’t quite fit properly (especially Joan’s dresses) and the vintage inspiration behind the costumes was kind of lost.

If you’re in Chadstone I suggest popping by to have a look. But I don’t think there’s any need to cross town to see this exhibition – just check out my photos or Marianne’s blog post :–)

Icons of Style, Mad Men Costume Exhibition, Chadstone Shopping Centre, 1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone

Thursday September 8 to Sunday October 2