humpday_movie_posterMIFF #3: So one day your long-lost college buddy comes knocking on your marital home for a visit. You catch up over some drinks and you remember the free spirit you once were, before you became a married man with responsibilities. As the night wears on, do you reminisce over old times? Do you become really tired and make your excuses about being a middle-aged fart who needs to get home to bed? No – you and your buddy decide enter an amateur porn film festival with a video of the two of you getting frisky.

With a storyline like that, it would be pretty difficult for Humpday not to be funny. Fortunately, the film was not just a one-joke wonder and it was certainly funnier than a Jude Aptow script. Besides the obvious comedic potential of two big-talking heterosexual males awkwardly trying to get it on, the aspect of the film I most enjoyed was the relationship between Ben and his bewildered wife. Their love and generosity towards each other, his overt attempts to soften her up before imparting unpleasant news, her desperate open-mindedness and his inexplicable need to prove something to his carefree friend all held a ring of truth, even though the sex film premise was ludicrous.