Harajuku Crepes Shop 148 Knox Place Melbourne Central Swanston St Melbourne

I don’t know what’s going on with my crepe obsession lately, but Harajuku Crepes is my third crepe review in as many weeks.

To write this post I wanted to do some research about the differences between a French crepe (as made by Roule Galette and Breizoz) vs a Japanese crepe (as made by Harajuku Crepes). Unfortunately the interweb was unable to throw up a definitive answer on this one (surely I’m the first person to ask this question?) so please let me know if you have the answer. In the meantime here’s my view:

  • buckwheat flour vs refined white flour;
  • thin and almost crisp vs spongier texture; and
  • cooked fillings vs raw fillings.

It’s pretty hard to miss Harajuku Crepes if your sense of smell is working properly, as the sweet scent of cooking batter wafts from the alleyway over the top end of Swanston St. The teeny shop itself is candy-bright and just like the crepe stands I saw in Tokyo,  complete with a display of plastic savoury and sweet crepes featured on the extensive menu. They only thing missing was some blaring J-pop and giggling girls dressed up in cos-play.

I tried the ham, cheese and mushroom crepe ($7) which contained the very traditional crepe fillings plus some uniquely Japanese extras of canned corn, a frill of lettuce and a squirt of sweet Japanese mayonnaise. Oishii!