guilty moose

There are no moose to be found in Melbourne and who knows why it’s guilty – but The Guilty Moose is a sweet cafe in Albert Park with a neat and interesting menu and a curious name.

I love that it’s open every day, bright and early at 7am for the beach joggers and dog walkers. The small space is a nice location to take a break, with a front room where the coffee action happens, a small back room with a cutout that provides a good nook for people-watching and then an expansive courtyard for warm days.

guilty moos

The menu has a few cafe standards then does an about turn into Asian fusion.

guilty moose

I love the sound of the okomiyaki  which comes chunks of smoked trout and a poached egg ($17). The pancake is chock full of purple cabbage and the veges prevent it from being just a big flat dough cake. There’s liberal use of otafuku flavoured mayonnaise, the egg is perfectly poached and I think the only thing missing is some flying bonito flakes for texture and visual appeal.

guilty moose

I also tried the toasted house banana bread with citrus curd, crushed pistachios and strawberry creme fraiche ($15). The banana bread was too crumbly to hold the other ingredients on the same fork and the highlight was actually the well-balanced sweet/tangy lemon curd. It was just like scooping up the insides of a lemon tart.

I think Albert Park locals will really embrace The Guilty Moose. The food is a cut above and reasonably priced, with a mix of staple and more challenging dishes. The vibe is relaxed and I found the service to be super-friendly – the kind of place where they’ll take the time to know your name.

The Guilty Moose, 143 Victoria Ave, Albert Park 03 9078 0925

Open daily 7am-4pm

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