frankie magazine photo album launch, 1000 £ bend, 361 little lonsdale st melbourne

Thank goodnesss for frankie, an intelligent, quirky and stylish magazine, far removed from the dross of Who, Hello and That’s Life.

For the first time, frankie are publishing the limited-run The Photo Album, a coffee-table collection of photographs from amateur and professional photographers. All of the images share the muted, off-beat, nostalgia-toned aesthetic of the magazine and the photographs were sourced from around the world mainly by searching through Flickr (there’s a scene of Portobello Road which I photographed as well!).

The launch was held in the old-school boho warehouse space of 1000 £ Bend, with some photographs enlarged and hung up with little snippets of commentary from the photographer. At the launch Andrea and I also had an engaging conversation with Louise Bannister, one of the initial founders of the magazine and styled frankie-esque in a vintage salmon-striped dress and a bird silhouette brooch. She and Lara Burke met when they worked on the now defunct teen magazine ‘Chik’ at Morrison Media. But they wanted to do something they were passionate about, to build a publication which reflected their interests and personalities, and they thought that there was market of other people just like them who would read their magazine. So they pitched the idea of frankie to their bosses and five years ago it was born. Andrea and I both agreed that it was really inspiring to hear about young women working hard to follow their dreams and to make them a reality – Louise and Lara (plus new editor Jo Walker) must be really proud of frankie now.

PS frankie fans, look out for the new limited-run frankie calendar out soon.